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October 1, 2008
01 Oct 2008

Good Bobby


Good Bobby recounts the formative adult years (1958-1964) of Robert F. Kennedy, one of history’s great “what ifs.” From his battles with Jimmy Hoffa on the Labor Rackets Committee to his stint as Attorney General to the assassination of John Kennedy, RFK struggles to find his own voice and step out of the impossibly enormous shadows created by a domineering father, a larger-than-life brother and the expectations of a mother who forever believes in the man he ultimately becomes.

Dates: Oct. 17-Nov. 23, 2008

Directed by: Pierson Blaetz

Written by: Brian Lee Franklin

Cast: Sile Bermingham, R.D. Call, Paul Marius, Steve Mendillo, Jim Metzler, Lisa Richards, Lyman Ward

Video & Sound Design: Fritz Davis

Set Design: James Eric and Victoria Bellocq

Lighting Design: Jeremy Pivnick