LA Get Down – Friday 4/28 – Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It
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LA Get Down – Friday 4/28 – Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It

Friday, April 28 @ 8 pm

Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It 

Written and Directed by Alex Alpharoah

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Don’t miss this revamped and refreshed LA revival of Alex Alpharoah’s Spoken Word play in the form of an Epic Poem. The stories are about the circumstances and struggles of 8 heroic denizens that inhabit the city of Los Angeles. Combining meter, prose, and free verse, the play explores various stories throughout the metropolis – by a rail station or a bus stop – words are shared about love, loss, compromise, and ultimately, how people face and live with the decisions that shape their lives.

Alex Alpharoah as Gabriel “Gee” Moses
Brenda Covarrubias as Grace Moraless
Luis Kelly-Duarte as Lonnie Santos
Alana Duvernay as Karen Santos

Steve Lopez as Steve Moraless
Andrea MaGee as Carol Lockhart
Jean Murillo as Tina Martin
Tommy Nguyen as Angel Rudman
Graciela Rodriguez as Elaine Martin

Stage Manager: Mat Belnas
Sound Designer: Jose Fraire
Lighting Designer: Leihua Hartley

Featuring original music from ECHO

The poem SHOOT is performed with permission from the author, Eddy M. Gana, of Steady, writesteady.com