The 1st Annual LA Get Down Festival (formerly InkSlam)
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The 1st Annual LA Get Down Festival (formerly InkSlam)

The 1st Annual LA Get Down Festival (formerly InkSlam)


  • Tuesday 4/18 @ 9 pm

  • Da Poetry Lounge Slam Finals

    with Special Musical Guest


  • Wednesday 4/19 @ 8 pm

  • Movement Towards Freedom:

    Voices Of Struggle Hosted by

    Matt Sedillo

  • Thursday 4/20 @ 8 pm

  • Ink’d Out:

    Stories from the LGBT Hosted by

    Yosimar Reyes

  • Friday 4/21 @ 8 pm

  • Da Poetry Lounge Founders’ Night


    Dante Basco, Shihan Van Clief, Poetri Smith and Brutha Gimel Hooper

  • Saturday 4/22 @ 8pm

  • Bridging The Gap: Legendary Poets


    Luis Rodriguez and Kamau Daoud

  • Sunday 4/23 @ 1 pm – Melrose Trading Post

  • Youth Showcase

  • Tuesday 4/25 @ 9 pm

  • Da Poetry Lounge Community Open Mic

  • Wednesday 4/26 @ 6:00 pm

  • Free Community Mixer

    followed by

    Venue Caravan to Our Mic for the premiere of heartstorms

  • Sunday 4/23 @ 1 pm – Melrose Trading Post

  • Chingona Fire

    Hosted by

    Angela Aguirre and Yesika Salgado


    Alyesha Wise and Aman Batra

  • Sunday 4/30 @ 1 pm — Melrose Trading Post

  • Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It

    Written and Directed by

    Alex Alpharoah

  • Saturday 4/29 @ 5 pm

  • The Poets’ Round Table

  • Saturday 4/29 @ 8 pm

  • inkSlam Invitational

    Hosted by

    Shihan Van Clief

  • Sunday 4/30 @ 1 pm – Melrose Trading Post

  • Youth Showcase


  • Saturday 4/22 @ 5 pm

  • Queer Writes:

    Workshop for folx from the LGBT Community: Facilitated by Edwin Bodney

  • Saturday 4/22 @ 1 pm

  • Expand Your Story On The Page:

    Facilitated by

    Beau Sia

    Participants will take an aspect of their story and through various exercises layer the depth of their story such that it is specifically theirs and resonates beyond who they are because all stories are simultaneously the individual and the all.

  • Saturday 4/22 @ 2:30 pm

  • Expand Your Story On The Stage:

    Facilitated by

    Arianna Basco

    Most performers learn a method to express themselves. many performers thik that that is the only way to express themselves. In this workshop, participants will engage in exercises to free them form this rigid idea, allowing them to see their performance can reflect the full range of who they are and not just the aspect they’re celebrated for.

  • Saturday 4/29 @ 1:30 pm

  •  ReBrand:

    The New Business of Spoken Word

    Facilitated by

    Taalam Acey

  • Friday 4/28 @ 5 pm

  • Intro to Party Rocking DJing 101 Intensive Workshop

    Facilitated by

    Brutha Gimel

    If you’re a beginning DJ or have interest in learning the craft of DJing, this is the workshop for you.

    This 90 minute intensive will include:

    • Hand son tutorial on getting to know your mixer and decks.
    • Blending songs form deck to deck. (side to side)
    • How to build a set form the opening to the peak to the closing set!

    This is the intro to party rocking!