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May 8, 2015
08 May 2015

The Glass Menagerie

Gritty, poetic, and occasionally hilarious, The Glass Menagerie was Tennessee Williams’ first major hit and remains to this day one of the greatest dramas in history. The Greenway Court Theater is proud to present the 70th Anniversary production of Williams’ masterpiece. Be sure to experience this revealing, new take on this American classic.

Set in the Great Depression on the brink of WWII, The Glass Menagerie tells the gripping story of The Wingfield family. The mother Amanda, a remnant of her gentile, southern past, fights to prepare her fragile daughter and restless son for the harsh world that awaits them. A former classmate of the siblings comes into their home for a brief, magical evening that will alter their lives forever.

Greenway Arts Alliance Presents

The Glass Menagerie

Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Jack Heller

Brian Foyster
Lisa Richards
Kerry Knuppe
Patrick Rieger
David Stanbra
Agatha Nowicki

Produced by Ty Donaldson
Co-Produced by Brian Foyster
Associate Produced by James Micheal Hughes
Set Design by
Joel Daavid
Lighting Design by Jeffrey Porter
Costume Design by Monica French
Property Design by Phi Tran
Sound Design by Jack Heller
Stage Managed by Thomas Zoeschg

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