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March 31, 2016
31 Mar 2016


Greenway Court Theatre Presents:
Or Yelling at Women Walking Their Dogs
By Raymond J. Barry

Tickets $20
Senior (60+)/Student $15 Must show valid ID
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OPENS: Friday, May 6, 2016

CLOSES: Saturday, May 28, 2016

PREVIEW: Thursday, May 5, 2016

TIMES: Thursday (May 5th & May 26th) at 8pm | Friday & Saturday at 8pm | Sunday at 7pm

Or Yelling at Women Walking Their Dogs
By Raymond J. Barry

When an aging couple learns they are losing their house due to the Wall Street mortgage scam, unemployed bricklayer Hubert (Raymond J. Barry), and his homemaker wife Mildred (Judy Jean Berns), are faced with destitution and homelessness.  Their adult, unemployed son Herman (Joseph Culp), an eccentric, unsuccessful painter who depends on his parents for food and shelter announces to his parents he is having an exhibit of his art. His father berates him, unleashing a furious family battle over the realities of work, money and the value of art in the struggle for survival.

Veteran actor/playwright Raymond J. Barry (Born on the 4th of July, TV’s Justified), offers a new play that questions the meaning of work, the value of art and the survival of family in a time of economic crisis.

Raymond J. Barry

Judy Jean Berns

Joseph Culp

Creative Team
DIRECTOR  David Robinson

February 25, 2016
25 Feb 2016

Greenway Institute for the Arts Spring Showcase

Greenway Institute of the Arts Presents

Greenway Institute for the Arts

Spring Showcase

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April 28, 2016 | 4pm
April 29, 2016 | 7pm

Greenway Institute for the Arts Spring Showcase

Join us as we celebrate and showcase student work from the Spring 2016 semester. The program includes a performance ofNo Child by Nilaja Sun, an exuberant, thoroughly funny piece about life in a New York City public school. This tour de force is an insightful and often hilarious look into the public education system and its challenges of students of today. The program will commence highlighting student work from Greenway’s in-school and after-school arts education and youth leadership programs.

December 22, 2015
22 Dec 2015



The World Premiere of

SWARM CELL Are you a queen or one of the worker bees?

Tickets $20 ($30 Reserved Seats) | Students $10 (with valid ID)

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Opening January 30th, 2016 – February 28th, 2016


Written by Gabriel Rivas Gomez
Directed by Robert Castro

Are you a queen or one of the worker bees?

Twenty-five years into the future: in desperate need of shelter, a pair of homeless women discover themselves forging an unlikely alliance. In an economy turned on its head, the duo – one deaf, the other pregnant and undocumented – find work in a questionable warehouse intent on preying upon its roustabouts. This cohort of migrants are conditioned to believe the commodities they package hold more value than their own lives. Devising a hive may be their only hope for survival.

Inspired by John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, the premiere of SWARM CELL – written by Gabriel Rivas Gomez and directed by Robert Castro – asserts a brave new world of womanhood and identity.


Maritxell Carrero

Raquel McPeek

Bianca Lemaire

Diana Elizabeth Jordan

Caro Zeller

Cheryl Ann Gottselig

Sheresade Poblet

Tania Camargo

Mariana Montes

Creative Team

Scenic and Costume Design – Victoria Petrovich

Sound Design – John Zalewski

Lighting Design – Jose Lopez

October 12, 2015
12 Oct 2015


“Front Door Open

A woman who can’t leave the house.

A teenage girl who can’t be trusted to leave it.

A surgeon who’s forgotten where to cut.

A psych professor known as the Claremont Cougar.

Tickets $25 ($35 Reserved Seats) | Students $15 (with valid ID)

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“RECOMMENDED! Absorbing…terrific performances” – Broadway World

Opening Nov 13th, 2015 – Dec 13th, 2015

“Front Door Open”

Written by Tom Baum

Directed by Asaad Kelada

In the comic drama FRONT DOOR OPEN, an agoraphobic woman comes face to face with the dependent role of her surgeon husband, who’s coping with his waning powers and fears of aging.  When the woman’s psychologist daughter and granddaughter pay a visit, the family is forced to confront the ripple effects of her disability—on their personalities, careers, long-held secrets, and their sex lives.

Friday, November 20 –  Join us for a post performance “Inside Discussion” that brings expert John Tsilimparis, playwright Tom Baum, and director Asaad Kelada together for a frank discussion on the topic of agoraphobia.  John is a go-to expert on psychological issues who has appeared on news stations, radio, The View, and was a regular on ObsessedRead more about John

Sunday, November 29 – Join us after the 7pm show for a talkback with cast and creatives.


Joanna Miles*
David Selby*
Anna Nicholas*
Lizzy Rich

Creative Team

Produced by:

Laura Hill

Scenic and Lighting Design:

Tom Meleck

Costume Design:

Betty Madden

Sound Design:

Joseph “Sloe” Slawinsk


Nora Feldman

Production Stage Manager:

Thomas Zoeschg


Katie Witkowski


September 25, 2015
25 Sep 2015



“Breathe” is the story of two teenagers (one black, one white) who are involved in separate acts of violence. The consequences each boy faces are based not only their crime, but also on the color of their skin. Using a combination of poetry and drama – Breathe explores tensions, decisions, and conditions that lead the boys to prison and the effect imprisonment has on their families.

Greenway Arts Alliance Presents


Written by Javon Johnson
Directed by Levy Lee Simon

Opens September 25, 2015


Brandon Armstrong
Wade Barrett
Walter Cox
Monifa Days
James Giordano
Dutch Hofstetter
John Marshall Jones
Blake Scott Lewis
Carrie Madsen
Kamahl Naiqui
Lyn Michele Ross
Sammie Wayne

Artistic Directors Pierson Blaetz and Whitney Weston
Producing Director Jason Bruffy
Associate Producer Cate Cundiff
Lighting Design Jeremy Pivnick
Set design Max Oken
Costume Design E.B. Brooks
Sound Design Will Mahood
Public Relations Ken Werther Publicity

Photo credits: Ty Donaldson

July 25, 2015
25 Jul 2015

7 Easy Pieces

7 EASY PIECES is a series of short plays written and developed at the Actors Studio Playwright and Directors unit.

written by Jim Geoghan
directed by Al Bonadies

written by Eliza Manzini
directed by Raymond Cole

written by Louis Felder
directed by L Flint Esquerra

written by Deborah Pearl
directed by Iris Merlis

written by David Zimmerman
directed by Carmen Milito

written by Brad Schreiber
directed by Tommy

Dates: January 23-26th 2015


Robert Beddall, Marc Cervania, Jude Cicollela, Tim Farmer,

Edy Ganem, Kip Gilman, Jack Kehler, Julie Janney


June 27, 2015
27 Jun 2015

SHOUT! A Celebration of Queer Voices of Color

SATURDAY, June 27, 2015 – 2pm

A Performance cultivating space on how our diverse community can share thier creativity with the rest of the world and be heard.

Starring Alysha Wise, Edwin Bodney and Jaila Simms

May 8, 2015
08 May 2015

The Glass Menagerie

Gritty, poetic, and occasionally hilarious, The Glass Menagerie was Tennessee Williams’ first major hit and remains to this day one of the greatest dramas in history. The Greenway Court Theater is proud to present the 70th Anniversary production of Williams’ masterpiece. Be sure to experience this revealing, new take on this American classic.

Set in the Great Depression on the brink of WWII, The Glass Menagerie tells the gripping story of The Wingfield family. The mother Amanda, a remnant of her gentile, southern past, fights to prepare her fragile daughter and restless son for the harsh world that awaits them. A former classmate of the siblings comes into their home for a brief, magical evening that will alter their lives forever.

Greenway Arts Alliance Presents

The Glass Menagerie

Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Jack Heller

Brian Foyster
Lisa Richards
Kerry Knuppe
Patrick Rieger
David Stanbra
Agatha Nowicki

Produced by Ty Donaldson
Co-Produced by Brian Foyster
Associate Produced by James Micheal Hughes
Set Design by
Joel Daavid
Lighting Design by Jeffrey Porter
Costume Design by Monica French
Property Design by Phi Tran
Sound Design by Jack Heller
Stage Managed by Thomas Zoeschg

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April 11, 2015
11 Apr 2015

Tell Me I’m Pretty (Living in Cacophony)


Tell Me I’m Pretty (Living with Cacophony) Written and Performed by Joshua Silverstein Directed by Diana Wyenn with musicians Gerry Doot, Merrick J Woodard, and Erik Hallsey With side-splitting humor and raw power, performance artist Joshua Silverstein returns to Greenway to deliver an explosive mix of storytelling, spoken word, vocal percussion, and hip-hop. Backed by a live band, Silverstein layers a series of playful and riveting narratives—full of humor, humanity, and wit—grounded in personal experience, and nuanced by the complexities and contradictions surrounding race, gender and, poverty in America. Plus, he reveals what it would have been like if Buster Keaton could beatbox AND explains why he’s the ideal biracial Batman. Boom!

Three Performances in Los Angeles!

Saturdays 8 pm
April 11, 18, and 25

April 9, 2015
09 Apr 2015

Reclining Nude On La Cienega



a handpainted story about life, love, and finding a comfortable place to lie down.

Reclining Nude on La Cienga is a funny, touching (and colorful!) journey into the bewildering abyss of romance and family relationships–a hilariously insightful whirl of observations, truths, discoveries and brushstrokes about the absurdities and calamities that is life and the free-for-all that’s growing up.  Part waif, part green beret, Jann Karam flits, frets and holds forth as she paints the story of her life: her childhood in Superior, Arizona; the ongoing (dumbfounding!) quandary of family; her failed relationships (on both coasts); and throughout it all, her quest to create a utopian artists’ colony rife with joyful possibility…and carrots.  It’s about finding peace in a world of chaos — a universal story of life, love, and finding a comfortable place to lie down.

APRIL 9, 16, 23