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April 17, 2019
17 Apr 2019

HERLAND: A National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere

May 30th – June 23rd


A play about women growing up, growing old and rocking out to the beat of their own drums.


An NNPN Rolling World Premiere by Grace McLeod

Directed by Tiffany Moon


After graduating from high school, Natalie gets a summer internship working for Jean, her elderly neighbor, on a special project: creating a DIY retirement home for Jean and her two best friends. She helps them set up shop inside Jean’s garage, the former home of Jean’s ex-husband’s Bruce Springsteen cover band, and plan for the next chapter of their lives together. Herland is a queer coming-of-age comedy about women growing up, growing old, and growing into themselves.

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Gladys Bautista as Natalie
Laura James as Terry
Samantha June as Becca (understudy)
Victoria Ortiz as Becca
Lisa Richards as Jean
Judith Scarpone as Louise


Creatives & Crew:
Dramaturgy by Scott Horstein
Produced by Lily Brown
Scenic Design by René O. Parras, Jr.
Costume Design by Elena Flores
Lighting Design by Azra King-Abadi
Sound Design by Corwin Evans
Intimacy Direction by Katherine O’Keefe
Stage Managed by Madi Mays
Casting by Victoria Hoffman


CLICK HERE to check out an interview feature with Grace McLeod in BroadwayWorld!


For Group Sales Inquiries Email boxoffice@greenwayartsalliance.org


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March 14, 2019
14 Mar 2019

Greenway Institute of the Arts Presents Little Shop of Horrors

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March 6, 2019
06 Mar 2019

LA Get Down Festival (2019)

 All-Access Passes Available
$75 gets you into EVERYTHING



Under 25? $25 gets you into 5 events!

(excludes Poetry vs. Hip Hop and inkSlam Finals)

5 FOR $25



Friday 4/5 @ 8 pm
Poetry vs. Hip Hop featuring Queen Sheba, DJ Knodat, G Yamazura, Kevin Sandbloom, Christopher Michael, and more 

Saturday 4/6 @ 8 pm
Poems are Gay! Hosted Edwin Bodney

Friday 4/12 @ 8 pm
salome: ten poems about one thing Written by Donny Jackson, Directed by Jasmine Williams

Saturday 4/13 @ 8 pm
New Voices: The California Repertory Production of A Live Mixtape Written by Tahirih Moeller, Directed by Bruce A Lemon Jr.

Friday 4/19 @ 8 pm
heartstorms: and the hood criatura in transit. featuring féi hernandez, created and directed by arianna lady basco

Saturday 4/20 @ 8 pm
 heartstorms: and the boi with blue nails. featuring figgy baby, created and directed by arianna lady basco

Saturday 4/27 @ 8 pm
inkSlam Invitational Team Finals Hosted by Shihan Van Clief 


Saturday 4/6 @ 12 pm
 Write Better with Donny Jackson

Saturday 4/6 @ 2:00 pm
Your Voice is an Instrument – Writing Workshop Facilitated by Alyesha Wise and Matthew “Cuban” Hernandez 

Saturday 4/20 @ 12 pm
Write Better with Donny Jackson 

Saturday 4/20 @ 2:00 pm
Your Voice is an Instrument – Performance Workshop Facilitated by Alyesha Wise and Matthew “Cuban” Hernandez

Saturday 4/27 @ 12 pm
How to Build a Feature/Set with Yesika Salgado

August 30, 2018
30 Aug 2018

Proudly Announcing Our 2018 – 19 Season!

Proudly Announcing
Our 2018 – 19 Season!

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Nov 9 – Dec 30, 2018


The Tony Award-winning musical!


Book by Marsha Norman
Music & Lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis & Stephen Bray
Directed & Choreographed by Jeffrey Polk


With a joyous score featuring jazz, ragtime, gospel, African music and blues, The Color Purple is an inspiring family saga that tells the unforgettable story of a woman who, through love, finds the strength to triumph over adversity and discover her unique voice in the world.



Weekends in April 2019


The 3rd annual celebration of hip hop and spoken word produced in association with Da Poetry Lounge.


Schedule announced! CLICK HERE

Tickets: L.A. Get Down


Curated by Shihan Van Clief


May 31 – Jun 23, 2019


A play about women growing up, growing old and rocking out to the beat of their own drums.


An NNPN Rolling World Premiere by Grace McLeod
Directed by Tiffany Moon


Herland tells the story of Jean who is in her seventies, recently divorced, and not moving into a retirement home. She recruits her two best friends since forever and an intern, a college-bound girl from down the street, to design a utopian alternative for the next chapter of their lives. They plot the future together inside Jean’s garage, where relics of her ex-husband (and his locally famous Bruce Springsteen cover band) still linger.


Tickets: Herland


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July 25, 2018
25 Jul 2018

Presenting Movie Mondays at Greenway Court!

Labyrinth cancelled for Monday, October 8

Due to an unforeseen issue, our Movie Monday screening of Labyrinth has been cancelled for Monday, October 8.

We will be rescheduling for another date soon – keep checking this page for info!



March 19, 2018
19 Mar 2018

Night Five of the Get Down

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Queen Sheba and DJ Knodat bring their roving battle to Los Angeles for the first time on April 19 @ 9 PM at the Greenway Court Theatre.
Internationally award winning Poet and Author Queen Sheba, as seen on 106 & Park, Verses & Flow and co-founder of the Rough Language Poetry Slam & Live Music series leads #TeamPoetry against #TeamHipHop lead by guest captain Secrett!
Add in Dj Knodat to make the perfect duo, combined and they have over 20 hit songs, 14 albums, two books and more (passport) stamps than a kid’s coloring book.

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November 8, 2017
08 Nov 2017

GIA Fall Student Showcase 2017


Greenway Institute for the Arts Presents:
Fall Student Showcase 2017

March 30, 2017
30 Mar 2017

The 1st Annual LA Get Down Festival (formerly InkSlam)


2018 Festival Schedule

All Workshops and Performances $10 EXCEPT

Da Poetry Lounge Tuesdays (Tickets Available at the Door Only)
Melrose Trading Post Sundays ($3 admission to MTP gets you into the event)
inkSlam Invitational – $20

 All-Access Passes Available
$70 gets you into EVERYTHING

Under 25? $25 gets you into 5 events!

(Excludes DPL and inkSlam)


Tuesday 4/18 @ 9 pm
Da Poetry Lounge Slam Finals with Special Musical Guest Sanura

Wednesday 4/19 @ 8 pm
Movement Towards Freedom: Voices Of Struggle Hosted Matt Sedillo

Thursday 4/20 @ 8 pm
Ink’d Out: Stories from the LGBT Hosted by Yosimar Reyes

Friday 4/21 @ 8 pm
Da Poetry Lounge Founders’ Night Featuring Dante Basco, Shihan Van Clief, Poetri Smith and Brutha Gimel Hooper

Saturday 4/22 @ 8pm
Bridging The Gap: Legendary Poets
featuring Luis Rodriguez and Kamau Daoud

Sunday 4/23 @ 1 pm – Melrose Trading Post
Youth Showcase 

Tuesday 4/25 @ 9 pm
Da Poetry Lounge Community Open Mic 

Wednesday 4/26 @ 6:00 pm
Free Community Mixer followed by
Venue Caravan to Our Mic for the premiere of heartstorms – tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-mic-presents-heartstorms-tickets-33478960472

Thursday 4/27 @ 8 pm
Chingona Fire Hosted by Angela Aguirre and Yesika Salgado featuring Alyesha Wise and Aman Batra

Friday 4/28 @ 8pm
Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It Written and Directed by Alex Alpharoah 

Saturday 4/29 @ 5 pm
The Poets’ Round Table

Saturday 4/29 @ 8 pm
inkSlam Invitational
Hosted by Shihan Van Clief

Sunday 4/30 @ 1 pm – Melrose Trading Post
Youth Showcase 


Saturday 4/22 @ 1 pm
Expand Your Story On The Page: Facilitated by Beau Sia

Participants will take an aspect of their story and through various exercises layer the depth of their story such that it is specifically theirs and resonates beyond who they are because all stories are simultaneously the individual and the all.

Saturday 4/22 @ 2:30 pm
Expand Your Story On The Stage: Facilitated by Arianna Basco

Most perfomers learn a method to express themselves. many performers thik that that is the only way to express themselves. In this workshop, participants will engage in exercises to free them form this rigid idea, allowing them to see their performance can reflect the full range of who they are and not just the aspect they’re celebrated for.

Saturday 4/22 @ 5 pm
Queer Writes: Workshop for folx from the LGBT Community: Facilitated by Edwin Bodney

Friday 4/28 @ 5 pm
Intro to Party Rocking DJing 101 Intensive Workshop Facilitated by Brutha Gimel If you’re a beginning DJ or have interest in learning the craft of DJing, this is the workshop for you.

This 90 minute intensive will include:

  1. Hand son tutorial on getting to know your mixer and decks.
  2. Blending songs form deck to deck. (side to side)
  3. How to build a set form the opening to the peak to the closing set!

This is the intro to party rocking!

Saturday 4/29 @ 1:30 pm
ReBrand: The New Business of Spoken Word Facilitated by Taalam Acey
March 23, 2017
23 Mar 2017

Reviews Are In: Paradise Lost is a Hit!


Reviewed by Paul Birchall


J-Walt Adamczyck, Zack Davidson and Marguerite French in Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny at Greenway Court Theatre (Photo by Anthony Roldan)

You don’t need to brush up on your Milton to enjoy this splendid adaptation of his great epic Paradise Lost, which tells the story of Satan’s consignment to Hell and Adam and Eve’s fall from Eden. Jones (Welsh) Talmadge, creator of this gorgeous and dynamic shindig, has crafted the work into a ballet, with Cirque Du Soleil-like acrobatic undercurrents.  But while Paradise Lost has been set to dance before, Talmadge’s production melds technology into the mix, balancing the movement with adroit video images, which are controlled by handheld joysticks held by the dancers while they dance. The result of all this is a production that feels entirely original and creative — but still packs the emotional impact of its source material, rendered with sincerity and total commitment.

The play starts in Heaven, where a Father God (J-Walt Adamczyk, who also designed the stunning videography) and a Mother God (Marguerite French) wave their computer mice and create a universe which explodes on the white screen behind them in bursts of stylized color. They also create a giant band of gymnastically agile angels, as well as a handsome and beloved Son (Zachary Reeve Davidson) who is allowed to manipulate the holy mouse of creation, just like his parents.

One single angel (Talmadge) becomes jealous of the Son and tries to seize his creative power. This angel’s pride, which leads to his eviction from Heaven, not only turns him into the Satan we know and hate, but also creates the vile forces of Sin (Laura Covelli) and Death (James Bane). Simmering in the Hellish world they’ve made for themselves, the Demonic Crew (joined by some wicked angels also tossed from Heaven) scheme to regain their former power by corrupting the newly created Adam (Leslie Charles Roy Jr.) and Eve (Alina Bolshakova). Chaos, quite literally, ensues.

Collaborating with several ensemble members on the choreography, Talmadge crafts a production that crackles with energy and liveliness, imaginatively employing both acrobatics and ballet to tell this time-honored story in strikingly innovative ways. When his Satan plummets from Heaven to Hell, the moment becomes a staggeringly powerful gymnastic act that utilizes chains and spins — during which Talmadge elegantly conveys the agony of the drop as well as the distance his character is traveling. Later, as Adam and Eve are gradually corrupted by Satan’s wiles, Death and Sin come dancing on, dressed as a perfect couple from 1950s Americana, except they start to beat and rape each other — behavior which imprints on Adam and Eve as they eat the Sinful Apple.

The movement is enhanced by Adamczyk’s artful computer generated video images, which virtually become characters themselves. There’s something magical about the way the performers stretch out their arms and whole worlds bloom on the screen behind them, as if from the dancers’ fingertips. Credited co-composers Alysia Michelle James and Bernie Sirelson’s electronic score, which accompanies the various tableaux and computer imagery, is suitably hymn-like, and creates a church ambiance.

It would be quite easy for this material to come across as evangelical or overly mawkish, but the ensemble hit just the right note as they explore Milton’s notions of the genesis of evil from pride and envy. First rate performances are offered by all, but Talmadge’s evolution from an angelic to a leering Satan is particularly compelling — and so are Adamczyk and French as Ma and Pa God (though it may be best not to ask why God is a couple).

Greenway Court Theatre, 544 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles; Fri.- Sat., 8 p.m; Sun., 7 p.m.; through April 2. (323) 673-0544 or www.greenwaycourttheatre.org/paradiselost. Running time: 70 minutes.


January 30, 2017
30 Jan 2017

Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny

Greenway Arts Alliance and Not Man Apart present


OPENS: March 10, 2017

*Due to unforeseen circumstances (an act of God???) opening night has been pushed from March 3 to March 10.*

CLOSES: April 2, 2017
TIMES: Friday & Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm

Friday & Saturday at 8pm
$30 General Admission

$20 Senior with ID
$15 Military & Student with ID
Sunday at 7pm
$20 General Admission & Senior

$15 Military & Student with ID

Buy Tickets

Creative Team
Producer/Director: Jones Welsh Talmadge

Producer/ Co-Director: Laura Covelli

Producers: Aaron Hendry, Zachary Reeve Davidson

Head Choreographer: Jones Welsh Talmadge

Choreographers: Anne-Marie Talmadge, Alina Bolshakova, Charles Roy

Visual Effects: J-Walt Adamczyk

Video Visual Effects: Hannah Beavers

Lighting Designer: John Bass

Wardrobe: Ashphord Jacoway

Sound Effects & Compilation: Bernie Sirelson

Composers: Elisa Rosin, Alysia Michelle James, Bernie Sirelson

Technical Director / Stage Manager: Niki Armato

Greenway Producing Director: Tiffany Moon

Greenway Artistic Directors: Whitney Weston & Pierson Blaetz


J-Walt Adamczyk, James Bane,  Alina Bolshkova, Laura Covelli, Zachary Reeve Davidson, Marguerite French, Alexander Garland, Kendall Johnson, Janine Montag, Moses Norton, Elisa Rosin, Charles Roy, Anne-Marie Talmadge, Jones Welsh Talmadge,


Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble and Greenway Arts Alliance present a movement adaptation of John Milton’s eloquent epic poem: Paradise Lost. The innovative vision adapted by NMA Co-Artistic Director Jones (Welsh) Talmadge, Co-directed with NMA Co-Artistic Director Laura Covelli, blends dance, acrobatics, dynamic partnering and Not Man Apart’s unique brand of physical storytelling, to relate a version of this iconic tale of Adam and Eve’s Temptation and the War in Heaven.

This production features bodies flying across the stage on harness and chains, augmented by the stunning digital animation effects of J-Walt Adamczyk and video installation artist Hannah Beavers. While the performance ensemble battles as angels and demons, powerful visual images of the creation of the universe and the Garden of Eden will be projected live on stage to weave an emotional tale surrounded by evocative original music and costumes.

NMA’s retelling of the fall of humanity includes a modern feminist twist. Whether you are familiar with the story of Paradise Lost, or not at all, and regardless of your belief system, Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny seeks a new perspective on the future of humanity, and to empower audiences to fully claim a created destiny and connection to the whole. It’s up to us. We get to create a Heaven on Earth.