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September 25, 2015
25 Sep 2015



“Breathe” is the story of two teenagers (one black, one white) who are involved in separate acts of violence. The consequences each boy faces are based not only their crime, but also on the color of their skin. Using a combination of poetry and drama – Breathe explores tensions, decisions, and conditions that lead the boys to prison and the effect imprisonment has on their families.

Greenway Arts Alliance Presents


Written by Javon Johnson
Directed by Levy Lee Simon

Opens September 25, 2015


Brandon Armstrong
Wade Barrett
Walter Cox
Monifa Days
James Giordano
Dutch Hofstetter
John Marshall Jones
Blake Scott Lewis
Carrie Madsen
Kamahl Naiqui
Lyn Michele Ross
Sammie Wayne

Artistic Directors Pierson Blaetz and Whitney Weston
Producing Director Jason Bruffy
Associate Producer Cate Cundiff
Lighting Design Jeremy Pivnick
Set design Max Oken
Costume Design E.B. Brooks
Sound Design Will Mahood
Public Relations Ken Werther Publicity

Photo credits: Ty Donaldson