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March 31, 2016
31 Mar 2016


Greenway Court Theatre Presents:
Or Yelling at Women Walking Their Dogs
By Raymond J. Barry

Tickets $20
Senior (60+)/Student $15 Must show valid ID
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OPENS: Friday, May 6, 2016

CLOSES: Saturday, May 28, 2016

PREVIEW: Thursday, May 5, 2016

TIMES: Thursday (May 5th & May 26th) at 8pm | Friday & Saturday at 8pm | Sunday at 7pm

Or Yelling at Women Walking Their Dogs
By Raymond J. Barry

When an aging couple learns they are losing their house due to the Wall Street mortgage scam, unemployed bricklayer Hubert (Raymond J. Barry), and his homemaker wife Mildred (Judy Jean Berns), are faced with destitution and homelessness.  Their adult, unemployed son Herman (Joseph Culp), an eccentric, unsuccessful painter who depends on his parents for food and shelter announces to his parents he is having an exhibit of his art. His father berates him, unleashing a furious family battle over the realities of work, money and the value of art in the struggle for survival.

Veteran actor/playwright Raymond J. Barry (Born on the 4th of July, TV’s Justified), offers a new play that questions the meaning of work, the value of art and the survival of family in a time of economic crisis.

Raymond J. Barry

Judy Jean Berns

Joseph Culp

Creative Team
DIRECTOR  David Robinson

March 31, 2016
31 Mar 2016


Open Fist Theatre Company & Padua Playwrights present

by Murray Mednick

Tickets $20
Senior/Student $15 Must show valid ID
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Four performances only:

Thursday April 21 at 8pm ($10 Preview performance)
Friday April 22 at 8pm
Saturday April 23 at 8pm
Sunday April 24 at 7pm

by Murray Mednick

DIRECTED by Guy Zimmerman

THE GARY PLAYS return to for an ‘Early Look’ at the second installment of Murray Mednick’s eight-play cycle, directed by Padua Playwrights Artistic Director Guy Zimmerman. Four performances of Part 2: OUT OF THE BLUE, GARY’S WALK and DADDYO DIES WELL pave the way for a full production of the entire octet this fall.


Andrea Beruatto
Peggy Ann Blow
Brooke Clendenen
Bruce Dickinson
Carl J. Johnson
Laura Liguori
Derek Manson
Kevin McCorkle
Rob Nagle
Tina Preston
Laura Richardson
Barbara Schofield
Amanda Weier

Creative Team


Jeff G. Rack


Kimberly Freed


John Zalewski


Jeffrey Porter


Bruce Dickerson


Guy Zimmerman & Martha Demson


Laura Hill


Gabrieal Griego


Laura Forst


David Elzer


Rita Valencia

February 25, 2016
25 Feb 2016

Greenway Institute for the Arts Spring Showcase

Greenway Institute of the Arts Presents

Greenway Institute for the Arts

Spring Showcase

Tickets FREE

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April 28, 2016 | 4pm
April 29, 2016 | 7pm

Greenway Institute for the Arts Spring Showcase

Join us as we celebrate and showcase student work from the Spring 2016 semester. The program includes a performance ofNo Child by Nilaja Sun, an exuberant, thoroughly funny piece about life in a New York City public school. This tour de force is an insightful and often hilarious look into the public education system and its challenges of students of today. The program will commence highlighting student work from Greenway’s in-school and after-school arts education and youth leadership programs.

February 5, 2016
05 Feb 2016


Critical Mass Dance Company Presents


Tickets $15 Pre-Sale (Inc. Fees) | $20 At-Door (Inc. Fees)

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March 19, 2016 | 7:30pm


Using dance, circus arts and aerial arts under a blacklight, AmaTerra captivates the imagination, uplifts the spirit and inspires audiences of all ages. Using illuminated LED and UV-reactive wings, hoops, and aerial silks, AmaTerra is a show about one woman’s journey to discover who she is while saving the butterfly forest in which she lives.  AmaTerra tells a tale of personal transformation with glowing butterflies, a magical forest and a high-flying aerialist – something for everyone!
In AmaTerra, Mother Nature is a young woman who lives in a forest where millions of the monarch butterflies migrate to each winter. She wields the power of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and the mysterious fifth element – to plant new trees and help the forest grow. One day, something threatens to destroy their home. In trying to save the forest, Mother Nature herself is hurt and forgets who she is. She must call upon the elements to help her remember what power she has to save her forest home. To protect the monarch butterflies, she must undergo a metamorphosis of her own!
February 4, 2016
04 Feb 2016

SWARM CELL – Diversity & Disability Talk Back w/ Panel



POST-PERFORMANCE talk back w/ panel

IMG_7700 copyJoin cast members of the world premiere play SWARM CELL and local performing arts leaders as they discuss visibility, access, and opportunities for all types of audiences and artists. How do we answer the call by providing everyone with an active role in the performing arts and entertainment? Representation in the arts is currently a huge hot topic and we want to explore what the word “diversity” means to a variety of individuals that make careers within the field.

What has been done? What can we do more of? Who do we want to see more of? Why does a diverse representation of human-beings and experiences matter?

SWARM CELL, a play starring an all female cast of Latina and African American women that challenges audiences to take a look at their world and answer the questions “Are you a queen bee or a worker bee?, or “How does I become we?,” is the ideal backdrop for this conversation.

Join us for the sign-interpreted performance and post-show talk-back. DATE COMING SOON! Get $10 General Admission Tickets with the code TALKBACK.


February 2, 2016
02 Feb 2016

HuffPost Arts & Culture Features SWARM CELL

Greenway Court Theatre’s Thought-Provoking & Entertaining “Swarm Cell” Echoes “The Grapes of Wrath’s” Call to Arms

by Ashley Jude Collie

swarm-cell-image-01Greenway Court Theatre’s co-artistic director, Pierson Blaetz, and producing director, Jason Bruffy, are eagerly watching a rehearsal of their upcoming world premiere, SWARM CELL.

The cozy theater, housed in an historic building and nestled next to Fairfax High School’s campus in Hollywood, saw 10 world premieres in 2015. Now Blaetz and Bruffy are enthused by SWARM CELL, which has previews January 28-29, and opens January 30 for a five-week run. The early word is that this entertaining production, which tells a tale of “a brave new world of womanhood and identity,” is one of the first must-see events in the Los Angeles 2016 theatrical calendar … READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE.

September 25, 2015
25 Sep 2015



“Breathe” is the story of two teenagers (one black, one white) who are involved in separate acts of violence. The consequences each boy faces are based not only their crime, but also on the color of their skin. Using a combination of poetry and drama – Breathe explores tensions, decisions, and conditions that lead the boys to prison and the effect imprisonment has on their families.

Greenway Arts Alliance Presents


Written by Javon Johnson
Directed by Levy Lee Simon

Opens September 25, 2015


Brandon Armstrong
Wade Barrett
Walter Cox
Monifa Days
James Giordano
Dutch Hofstetter
John Marshall Jones
Blake Scott Lewis
Carrie Madsen
Kamahl Naiqui
Lyn Michele Ross
Sammie Wayne

Artistic Directors Pierson Blaetz and Whitney Weston
Producing Director Jason Bruffy
Associate Producer Cate Cundiff
Lighting Design Jeremy Pivnick
Set design Max Oken
Costume Design E.B. Brooks
Sound Design Will Mahood
Public Relations Ken Werther Publicity

Photo credits: Ty Donaldson

August 17, 2015
17 Aug 2015

Breathing Room

A humorous and lyrical tapestry of words, music, movement and quantum physics. A science teacher with a mysterious past (Charles Reese) and a visual artist overwhelmed by life (Eileen T’Kaye) explore our modern culture of “technological vertigo” in a series of playful and intriguing scenes infused with music — played live at every performance by playwright/composer Newmark on her trademark neon-green electric violin.

Talk back with the audience after the 2pm matinee on
Saturday Oct 10th.

Greenway Arts Alliance Presents
Mary Lou Newmark’s

Breathing Room

Opens  October 3, 2015

Written & Composed by Mary Lou Newmark
Directed by Dan Berkowitz
Produced & Stage Managed by Gary Thomas

Lighting Design by Jeremy Pivnik
Set Design by Max Oken
Sound Design by Mary Lou Newmark and Will Mahood
Choreography by Gary Thomas
Publicity by Lucy Pollak


Mary Lou Newmark
Charles Reese
Eileen T’Kaye

August 10, 2015
10 Aug 2015

‘’BREATHE” Open Auditions today and tomorrow 10am-6pm

Today AUG 10th-11th

We are having open auditions for our up coming show ‘’BREATHE’’

by Javon Johnson
directed by Levy Lee Simon

Synopsis “When two teenagers (one black, one white) are involved in separate acts of violence the consequences they face are based not only on evidence, but also on the color of their skin.” “Using a combination of urban poetry and dramatic action, Breathe explores the tensions, decisions and conditions that leads the boys to prison and the effect their imprisonment has on their families



(PRE-CAST) early forties, African-American construction manager, stern patriarch, a proud man.

  • JOHN FLEMING early forties, third generation Caucasian police officer, a by the book type conflicted by the heart.
  • LORETTA early forties, Isaac’s wife, African-American social worker, the emotional spine of her community and family.
  • ELLEN  early forties, John’s wife, Caucasian corporate busy body, evasive to conflict, a true patriot for traditional America.
  • CASEY seventeen year old son of John and Ellen, dyed or spiked hair, a methodically budding rebel in search of himself.
  • ANDRE  seventeen year old son of Isaac and Loretta, twisted hair or boldly cut, a good kid oppressed by a bad environment, a young flame that refuses to be put out.


Greenway Court Theatre
544 North Fairfax Avenue, LA, CA 90036
Free parking in the adjacent lot and street parking
WHEN: Monday, October 10th 10am – 6pm


July 25, 2015
25 Jul 2015

7 Easy Pieces

7 EASY PIECES is a series of short plays written and developed at the Actors Studio Playwright and Directors unit.

written by Jim Geoghan
directed by Al Bonadies

written by Eliza Manzini
directed by Raymond Cole

written by Louis Felder
directed by L Flint Esquerra

written by Deborah Pearl
directed by Iris Merlis

written by David Zimmerman
directed by Carmen Milito

written by Brad Schreiber
directed by Tommy

Dates: January 23-26th 2015


Robert Beddall, Marc Cervania, Jude Cicollela, Tim Farmer,

Edy Ganem, Kip Gilman, Jack Kehler, Julie Janney