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June 9, 2016
09 Jun 2016


 Greenway Court Theatre Presents

Not Man Apart’s Production of


by Ellen McLaughlin

“Raw, dynamic, heartfelt, and visceral, Ajax in Iraq parallels the lives of ancient and modern heroes. This stunning physical drama grapples with issues that have become all too well known to the American public – war of occupation, PTSD, sexual abuse, and the price of committing combat troops to situations that may have no end.
Ellen Mclaughlin’s electrifying play intertwines the story of a AJ, a female US Army combatant, with the legend of Ajax, a Greek Hero of the Trojan War who’s story is said to be the first documented case of post-traumatic stress disorder.
The result is shocking, captivating, strangely humorous, and relentlessly honest.
Not Man Apart delivers both gripping text and athletic movement – a scripted play in the form of a thrilling dance. The Hollywood Reporter praises NMA as a “futuristic theater company,” the Los Angeles Times calls the company “exhilarating and propulsive… exciting and innovative.”

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OPENS: Friday, July 15, 2016
CLOSES: Sunday, August 14, 2016

Friday & Saturday at 8pm
$30 General Admission
$20 Senior with ID
$15 Military & Student with ID

Sunday at 7pm
$20 General Admission & Senior
$15 Military & Student with ID

**** CRITICS PICK!****


“A dead on triumph.” “It would be madness to miss it”
“In its riveting Los Angeles premiere, playwright Ellen McLaughlin’s potent assault on sexual abuse in the military by way of the titular legendary Greek warrior is raw, provocative, poetic and indelible. Director-choreographer John Farmanesh-Bocca rallies his stalwart Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble forces into breathtaking kinetic cohesion.”
–       David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times

**** “The Effect is Electrifying!****

“These choreographed numbers by Farmanesh-Bocca speak eloquently to the devastating themes – Courtney Munch’s performance captures both the character’s grit and rage with an un-self-pitying desperation that feels entirely believable. – it pries open an issue that has until recently remained firmly closed.”
Jenny Lower – LA WEEKLY


Directed by John Farmanesh Bocca

Featuring: Aaron Hendry, Courtney Munch, James Bane

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