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August 17, 2015
17 Aug 2015

Breathing Room

A humorous and lyrical tapestry of words, music, movement and quantum physics. A science teacher with a mysterious past (Charles Reese) and a visual artist overwhelmed by life (Eileen T’Kaye) explore our modern culture of “technological vertigo” in a series of playful and intriguing scenes infused with music — played live at every performance by playwright/composer Newmark on her trademark neon-green electric violin.

Talk back with the audience after the 2pm matinee on
Saturday Oct 10th.

Greenway Arts Alliance Presents
Mary Lou Newmark’s

Breathing Room

Opens  October 3, 2015

Written & Composed by Mary Lou Newmark
Directed by Dan Berkowitz
Produced & Stage Managed by Gary Thomas

Lighting Design by Jeremy Pivnik
Set Design by Max Oken
Sound Design by Mary Lou Newmark and Will Mahood
Choreography by Gary Thomas
Publicity by Lucy Pollak


Mary Lou Newmark
Charles Reese
Eileen T’Kaye

August 10, 2015
10 Aug 2015

‘’BREATHE” Open Auditions today and tomorrow 10am-6pm

Today AUG 10th-11th

We are having open auditions for our up coming show ‘’BREATHE’’

by Javon Johnson
directed by Levy Lee Simon

Synopsis “When two teenagers (one black, one white) are involved in separate acts of violence the consequences they face are based not only on evidence, but also on the color of their skin.” “Using a combination of urban poetry and dramatic action, Breathe explores the tensions, decisions and conditions that leads the boys to prison and the effect their imprisonment has on their families



(PRE-CAST) early forties, African-American construction manager, stern patriarch, a proud man.

  • JOHN FLEMING early forties, third generation Caucasian police officer, a by the book type conflicted by the heart.
  • LORETTA early forties, Isaac’s wife, African-American social worker, the emotional spine of her community and family.
  • ELLEN  early forties, John’s wife, Caucasian corporate busy body, evasive to conflict, a true patriot for traditional America.
  • CASEY seventeen year old son of John and Ellen, dyed or spiked hair, a methodically budding rebel in search of himself.
  • ANDRE  seventeen year old son of Isaac and Loretta, twisted hair or boldly cut, a good kid oppressed by a bad environment, a young flame that refuses to be put out.


Greenway Court Theatre
544 North Fairfax Avenue, LA, CA 90036
Free parking in the adjacent lot and street parking
WHEN: Monday, October 10th 10am – 6pm